Getting grounded, connected and finding balance can often be difficult and we have our demanding schedules to blame.   One way to capture that moment of oneness is by attending a Tribal Belly Dance class. There are few writings and accounts on Tribal Belly Dance.  In its most basic form, it is noted usually as American Tribal Belly Dance.  Unfortunately, there are neither pictures nor writings documenting the form because the form was from mostly nomadic tribes with is roots in Gypsy, Turkish, African and Mediterranean descents.  Anecdotal accounts place Jamila Salimpour as the mother of Tribal Belly Dance in America with the creation of her dance troupe, Bal-Anat.  Tribal Belly Dance focuses on group dance with traditional clothing to celebrate the divine feminine.  The group of women uses a series of yelps and hand gestures to communicate the next move of the dance.  The focus of Tribal form is how each individual’s energy brings essence to the group providing women not only an opportunity to connect to self but also a group.


Tribal Belly Dance encourages a woman to ground her feet and to dance around her core.  The core is the complete center where transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned with the greatest force. It is the place where we are truly one-Where we experience the absolute connection to mind, body and spirit. This is also where the truest part of us resides.  It is in this moment where we become introduced to a time when women were leaders and warriors; and a time when women celebrated and honored each other.

Tribal Belly Dance, through movement and breath can bring that time back in one class, with one movement.  In that moment we become connected and integrated into essence of oneness where the past connects to the present and we celebrate and honor each other; where we are leaders; where we are warriors.  It is here, in this moment, where we experience the fundamental nature of connectedness and strength.