January brought with it 2010-a time of New Year resolutions and desires to change.  February brings a time for introspection and preparation for change and March brings with it new beginnings.  The fundamental being of new beginnings is the warmth of spirit.  New beginnings are the rising of the new dawn within you-renewal of self. With how amazing this process can be, it can also be challenging when we experience the hurt from our past. We become fragmented and experience imbalance and disconnect from our mind, body and spirit.

This imbalance distorts self-perception, which will ultimately affect overall wellness.  If our self-perception is altered and our core, inner-self, is lost then the journey of wellness is not going to be successful.  As women, we battle obesity, eating disorders, addiction, to name a few. Most of us go through the day unaware that the power to change is within us-Our own thoughts and in our body. We are powerful sources.  We can provide ways to go within, manifest our dreams and become balanced and focused. Mind, Body Spirit integration provides a bridge to assist with the transformation of new beginnings. One way to experience this divine essence is through Tribal Belly Dance.

Tribal Belly Dance is an ancient dance form passed down among generations of women as it focuses on group dance with traditional clothing to celebrate the divine feminine.  The group of women uses a series of yelps and hand gestures to communicate the next move of the dance.  The focus of Tribal form is how each of our divine energy brings essence to the group providing women not only an opportunity to connect to self but a group.


This ancient form can help us experience harmony and overcome polarity in our overall thinking, feeling and being pushing us to view ourselves as a whole person.Tribal Belly Dance invites us to dance around our core allowing us to connect to our identities, establish our love of spirit and become comfortable in our own skin through strength, dignity and respect for ourselves and other women.