When you hear the words, Tribal Belly Dance, the first thing that comes to most minds is sexy costumes and half naked women dancing around for men.  Well that’s not us at all.  We try to focus our attention more on the positive woman’s image rather then on sex appeal.  We don’t dance half naked as most people think.  The only part of our body that may show at times is the midriff area and we DO NOT dance for men, we dance for ourselves.  This experience is to enlighten the woman’s soul and become more spiritually centered  and empowered within herself.  We dance to forget the day and the problems we may have faced that have stressed us beyond max.  It’s a release of frustration and a centering of self with a nice little work out I may add , all combined into one.  Being a part of this tribe has completely help me on my spiritual path and finally after a long time of searching I can say, I am officially whole, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   That’s just a little about my experience and opinion.  Join us for your own, we welcome you.