I teach my class based on two rules: (1) We dance within our core; and (2) Our technique is unique to self.  I do not have a traditional dance background.  My background is that of weight training, track and field, martial arts and Tribal Belly Dance.  My dancing resonates from my soul.  I always felt something was missing from my truest self. That missing piece was Tribal Belly Dance.  Thanks to my instructors Amy Anthony from Aum Studios in Orlando, Fl., and Effie Heotis,  I was able to connect and grow into the dancer that I am today.  It was here that my journey began and it was here where my teaching style evolved.  As a bigger woman, I always felt that I had to be more in shape in order to dance.  I found that I had to dance in order to gain overall well being.

Shake your Core!

The class is structured to unite and ground us to our core. The style presented is Folkloric in nature using Tribal Style and ethnic style belly dance.  This is done with a series of Tribal Fusion stretches, both standing and sitting, to prepare and ground the body; shape and strengthen the body, and increase awareness.

After careful stretching, a systematic series of isolation exercises are practiced.  This is where the real fun begins!  We move through a series of drills to engrain movement patterns into the nervous system, providing a vocabulary of Tribal Dance steps.  The drills vary slightly from class to class, in order to cover the basic moves which Tribal Style and Ethnic Style Belly Dance encompasses. Following the isolations, hip and torso movements are the focus.  In each series of classes, selected steps are practiced.

The class ends with slower Tribal Fusion stretches to ignite the mind-body-spirit connection.


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